The Badger Company BV mainly works in Petrochemicals & Chemicals, Oil & Gas, Food and Power Generation. 

Considering Petrochemicals & Chemicals our experience focuses on discipline engineering and the design of plants of various sizes or parts thereof, both Inside Battery Limits (ISBL) and Outside Battery Limits (OSBL). We have gained large experience in grassroots design of large storage yards (unto 300,000 m3) for all sorts of oils. 

For Oil & Gas our experience is mainly focused on Process, Piping and Mechanical, Structural (decks) Detail design, with the disciplines Electrical and Instrumentation occasionally involved. It varies from discipline engineering & design from general on & off shore (topsides) installations incl. FSO/FPSO; Gas Compression; Condensate & Oil Removal to Oil & LPG Storage and LPG Loading & Unloading. 

The Badger Company also has experience with specific equipment such as skid mounted units (process units, pump assemblies, compressor packages), reactors, vacuum & distillation columns incl. internals and trays, heat exchangers, steam drums, pressure vessels and hydraulic lifts (industrial application). 

For Power Generation (unto 2100 MW CC) among other things we focus on engineering BOP (Balance of Plant) incl. connected primary & secondary equipment; Gas, Oil, Coal Fired Combined Cycle Plants and Fuel Storage. 


The Badger Company execute projects for internation clients and we have already a track record in more than 19 countries. 


The Badger Company has experience with several engineering and design tools. Below some examples of software which we are using and familar with, but not limited to. 

For Drafting & 3D design: 
CADWorx, AUTOCAD, PDMS, AVEVA outfitting, E3D.
We have the capability to work with Autoplant 2D & 3D, SmartPlant 3D/Review, MICROSTATION, PDS and Navisworks. 

For Calculation & Analysis: 
PVElite (Pressure Vessel analysis), CAESAR II (Piping Stress Analysis) and PRO-ISO. 
We have knowledge of working with IRIS, FE/Pipe (Finite Element Pipe Analysis – Nozzle Stress Analysis), Bjac (Heat Exchanger Mechnical Calculation) and Pelican Forge Support Modeler. 

For Process Engineering: 
CADWorkx PID 2020, ASPEN HYSYS, AVEVA Engineering

For Structural Engineering: 
StaadPro and Genie

For Planning:
MIcrosoft Projects

For more information, please feel free to contact us at or +31 (0)10 433 58 20